Antic Static Gun Top Dx Antic Static Gun Top Dx

Q1® Anti-Static Gun

Neutralize static electricity.

The Q1® Anti-Static Gun is an advanced ionizing gun with
a wireless system that generates positive and negative ions capable of producing the necessary energy to neutralize static electricity existing on charged surfaces and leave the surfaces free of dirt particles, ready to be painted.

In the everyday life of a workshop, many processes may cause a static buildup as sanding, blowing, masking and pre-cleaning.

The combination of ions and compressed air eliminates static existing electricity, improving the application of metallized top coat, avoiding paint lost and achieving a perfect finish while saving time.

The proper laser pointer marks the area where the static neutralization is applied.

The tool charges through an AC-DC system provided and it is connected to the socket on the back of the gun.

The Q1® Anti-Static Gun equipment is composed of:

  • 1 Q1® Anti-Static Gun
  • 1 charger
  • 4 power adapters
  • User manual

Q1® Anti-Static Gun is an ATEX certified product in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU.

Sold in UK at TIDAL Members exclusively 

Anti Static Gun BOTTOM 1 Anti Static Gun BOTTOM 1
Features & benefits
  • Surfaces free of dirt particles and ready for painting
  • Reduced time and material in the vehicle painting process
  • Improved application of metallized top coat
  • Combination of ions and compressed air neutralize static electricity existing on charged surfaces
  • 4-level charging battery indicator easily visible to the user
Product reference
Part# Pcs/Case
ASG01 1 piece/ box

How to use

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