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Q1® Premium Masking Paper

The strongest one.

Premium Masking Paper

Q1® Premium Masking Paper is a 50gsm car masking paper, created for automotive aftermarket applications. Q1® Premium masking paper offers perfect surface protection as well as a very good capacity for paint absorption during auto repair and spray painting operations.

Car masking paper with good penetration resistance

Q1® Premium masking paper boasts high penetration resistance preventing the paint from filtering through and staining the surface of the vehicle. The paper is ideal to protect wide areas where a product stronger than masking film is required, and is especially recommended to eliminate rework caused by fibre contamination in paint job.

Sizes of our car painting masking paper

Our masking paper is available in Kraft brown colour in four different heights of 45cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm and different lenghts, for example 200m, 300m and 450m.

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Features & benefits
  • High penetration resistance
  • High conformability
  • Lint and fibre free
  • Helps reduce rework caused by bleed-through
  • Easy to handle to help improve productivity
Part# Size Pcs/Case
MP3045 45cm x 300m 1 roll/ box
MP3060 60cm x 300m 1 roll/ box
MP3090 90cm x 300m 1 roll/ box
MP30120 120cm x 300m 1 roll/ box
MP4045 45cm x 400m 1 roll/ box
MP4060 60cm x 400m 1 roll/ box
MP4090 90cm x 400m 1 roll/ box
MP40120 120cm x 400m 1 roll/ box

How to use

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