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Q1® Performance Foam Tape

Q1® Performance Foam Tape

An easy to position, flexible sponge foam with premium-grade adhesive, Q1® Performance Foam Tape is the ideal masking solution for reducing masking time around doors, tailgates and other vehicle access points. Simply apply to the inner surface of an open door for example and adjust the product once the door is closed. Designed to mask all apertures and prevent the ingress of paint during spraying, Because the adhesive is offset it will never come into contact with the paint or clear coat during application, giving a feathered finish, with no build-up of hard edges. The quick, performance-engineered solution to seal openings, Performance Foam Tape from Q1® is an advanced product for automotive refinishers looking for a professional result every time.
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Features and benefits

  • Flexible and easy to shape around contours
  • Easy and clean removal
  • Leaves no residue
  • Unwinds easily from the roll for fast application
  • Solvent resistant
  • No bleed through
  • Eliminates paint build up and hard edges
Part# Size – Pcs/ Case
SE02 10mm X 11 /25m – 1 roll / Box

Foam “A”

Features Result Units Norm Specification
Density Kg/m3 ISO 845 33
Tensile strength





ISO 1798
ISO 1798



Elongation at break





ISO 1798
ISO 1798



Compressive strength

To 25%
To 50%




ISO 3386
ISO 3386



Def. Remaining (22hr,25”%, 23°C)

At 30 minutes
At 24 hours




ISO 1586
ISO 1586


<5 4.90 <5 4.90

Thermal conductivity W/mK ISO 8302 0,039
Water absorption 28 days % Vol ISO 2896 <1,64
Shore A (hardness) ISO 868 22

Foam “B”

Features Result Units Norm Specification
Net Density Kg/m ISO 845 20+/-1
Compression hardness Kpa ISO 3386 3.2+/-15%
Def. Remaining % ISO 1586 <6
Tensile strength Kg/cm2 ISO 1798 >0,8
Elongation % ISO 1798 >170
Tear resistance N/m ISO 8067 >200


Material Double sided tape with backing
Adhesive Acrylic
Backing Special Paper
Total thickness 0.08 mm
Adhesitivity (AFERA 4001) 22 N-25mm
Tensile strength (AFERA 4004) > 7N/C
Temperature resistance -20 +100 °C
Protector Silicone Kraft Paper Kraft 120 gr/M2

Removable adhesive

Material Double sided tape
Adhesive Acrylic
Backing Nonwoven
Total thickness 0,15 mm
Adhesitivity 1a Face (AFERA 4001) 22 N-25mm
Adhesitivity 2a Face (AFERA 4001) 7N-25mm
Temperature resistance -10 +100 °C
Protector Silicone paper


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