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What is automotive plastic sheeting and what is it used for

When painting vehicles, protecting certain areas from paint to avoid cleanup work is the very first thing any professional does. To protect large areas, we highly recommend automotive plastic sheeting, instead of classical paper or plastic film.

Provided with the right amount of static for effective cling, automotive plastic sheeting is easy to handle and makes it easy to cut with maximum speed and accuracy.

Let’s see how this product can help your activity.

The main features of automotive plastic sheeting

Automotive plastic sheeting is a special masking product specifically designed to protect vehicles from overspray of paint or primers inside paint spray booths. Made of clear HDPE protective sheet, it is treated to ensure paint adhesion of both solvent and waterborne paints specific for vehicle painting jobs.

Unlike masking with paper, using plastic sheeting can lead to further possibilities, such as:

  • Using high temperature to dry the paint (for short times);
  • A stronger solvents resistance;
  • A quicker application, since it’s statically charged for easy masking.

Why is it different from regular plastic sheets?

To further increase their effectiveness, automotive plastic sheeting is subjected to a special process known as corona treatment. Corona treatment is widely used in the extrusion and converting sector to modify the electrostatic properties of a surface, giving the material an electrical charge that results in several advantages.

The electrostatic charge resulted from corona treatment guarantees two advantages:

  • Helps the film cling on the vehicle;
  • Attracts paint overspray and retains it on the film, preventing bleeding on the floor.

Our automotive plastic sheeting

Q1® films are the perfect solution to protect wide areas of vehicles from overspray. It can be handled and applied easily by one person, and can be fastened to the vehicle with the aid of masking tape.

Q1® Premium Protective Film

Our car paint protection film is the ideal product to protect vehicle from overspray inside paint spray booths. While protecting the car, its surface retains paint drops and prevent them from spreading into the booth and staining the floor.

Our refinishing protective film can withstand temperatures up to 110°C/230°F.

Is this product missing in your shop?

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