To tape or not to tape?

calendar-icon 04 February 2019

Should it even be a question?

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Masking to create a precision brush finish is undeniably growing in popularity, largely driven by higher customer expectations than ever before when it comes to perfection on the job.

That said, there remains a significant number of more traditional painters and decorators who prefer to cut-in free hand, even on complex applications such as sash windows.

Changing the longstanding habits you were taught and have mastered throughout your career can seem unnecessary, but there are some undeniable benefits to masking, which could make your working day shorter and your bottom line bigger. Let’s take a look at three of them:

Time is money

Surely adding in another preparation process like masking will make your job longer, right? Actually no, not once you’re used to handling your preferred tape. In fact, it won’t take long at all.

If you choose to mask, the time you will save during the paint application process will far outweigh the time expense of masking in the first place. Don’t believe us?
We’ve calculated that if you use a premium masking tape which offers easy application, you will actually halve the time it takes to paint a 12-pane sash window.

In other words, instead of painstakingly painting six sash windows by hand, taking a total of 12 hours using a three-coat system, you could mask and paint the same windows in just six hours – an average of just one hour per window.
That leaves you time to quote for other jobs, restock for tomorrow’s project or leave work altogether!

Crisp lines, quality finish

Consumers are now wiser than ever to the finish that can, and should, be achieved when paying a professional painter and decorator. Instagram and other style-led social media sites are brimming with interior design inspiration showing nothing less than perfection and that is now the desired effect.

No matter how seasoned you are at cutting-in free hand, nothing compares to the finish which is achievable with quality masking tape, whether that’s a multi-purpose tape for simple decorating tasks or a precision line masking tape for the ultimate finish. Masking instead of free-hand edges will leave your customers with jaw-dropping, razor-sharp lines throughout their entire renovation project.

A team-wide quality standard

If you work as part of a duo or small team, it can often be said that skill-levels will differ between painters. This can be particularly noticeable when it comes to creating straight edges free-hand.

Masking your edges, around skirting boards, architraves, windows, banisters and ceilings, will bring a team-wide quality standard to your finish. It means more junior - or less confident - members of the team can take on the task of cutting in, confident that they will produce the same standard of work.
There are undeniable time saving benefits in being able to share project tasks without compromising the quality standard of your finish.

Do you remember making the switch from free-hand to masked edges? What was the main benefit for you? Share your story with us on Facebook

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