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calendar-icon 10 December 2018

Q1® Precision Line on period property windows


“Q1 Precision Line masking tape is superior in UV resistance, performance, and precision.”

Rhys Williams


“Spray painting is the ideal solution to finishing both the interior and exterior of wooden windows on period properties, but if the tape isn’t up to the job, you risk poor quality lines and residue on the glass afterwards. Q1® Precision Line masking tape is superior in UV resistance, performance, and precision.”

Specialists in residential spraying, McWilliams decorators and contractors are known for their work on period properties in the Birmingham area, a region with an abundance of historical housing and increasingly affluent suburbs.

Priding themselves on the highest quality finish, the McWilliams duo began using automotive masking products before switching to Q1’s decorating-specific solutions. Here, Rhys tells us why the Q1 Precision Line tape is his go-to masking solution:

When did you first hear about Q1’s range of masking products?

We began using automotive masking tapes rather than conventional decorating products because they delivered better performance, were easier to remove and gave good clean lines. When we heard that Q1, a popular brand for automotive masking, was developing a range of tapes and papers specifically for the decorating market, we couldn’t wait to try it.
Luckily, the launch coincided with a big project of ours – a large Georgian property which required painting to the whole exterior, so we were able to put the tape through its paces right away.

Which product do you use the most?

We spray lots of period homes, both inside and out, so the precision line tape has quickly become our go-to supply for protecting the glass whilst we spray window frames.
We are often told by customers that they hate the wobbly lines of hand-painted window frames and want to avoid decorating residue on the glass afterwards. This is where the Q1 Precision tape really comes into its own, offering a 30-day UV resistance, clean removal and razor-sharp lines.
After the very first job, we were sold on the virtues of this product and wouldn’t use any other tape for precision work again.

Do you use any other Q1 products?

We are looking forward to trying the multi-purpose tape with masking paper next time we work indoors. We often need to protect freshly finished surfaces such as skirting boards and I have no doubt, based on my experience with the Precision Line tape, that the multi-purpose product will be just as effective in its quality and performance.

Find out more about the Q1 Precision Line tape here, or watch McWilliams Decorators and Contractors in action.

multi-purpose tape with masking paper

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