PaintTech Academy: Q1 test results are positive

calendar-icon 05 December 2018

Did you read our blog about PaintTech Academy putting Q1 to the test? In it, we explain how no less than 20 experienced sprayers are conducting in-depth field tests on our range of decorating-specific masking tapes; and we’re pleased to share some initial results with you now.

Ian Crump, director and founder of PaintTech, has released his initial findings and in Ian’s words: “Tape isn’t just tape, especially when you are spraying.”

He describes a time during his two-decade spraying career, where his team learnt the hard way after completing a job on a large Georgian property and made a significant financial loss due to the time it took to clean the tape residue from the large sash windows. They researched and purchased a range of alternative tapes to try, before switching to the most effective one.

That said, there were no UV resistant tapes at that time, nor had any manufacturer put significant thought into the design and functionality of a decorating-specific tape.

Ian goes on to explain:

“When we heard the chatter about Q1 launching a new range of tapes specifically for the painting and decorating market, our ears pricked up. We were even more keen when Q1 got in touch with us as representatives of the spraying community.

We were really impressed with their knowledge and passion for creating a range of tapes that would deliver an optimum finish for commercial and residential sprayers. Q1, most of all, were prepared to listen, take feedback on board, revamp and adapt their tapes to suit our industry. They wanted to know what we needed from a masking product and, most impressively, they knew how to make that happen.

“With 20 sprayers in total testing the tapes across a range of applications, initial feedback is positive.”

painttech academy

PaintTech’s team of testers are putting our tapes to the test across a range of projects and will continue to do so throughout different seasons to ensure performance is consistent.

Ian concludes: All the testers agree that Q1 is working incredibly hard within our industry to achieve, for the first time, what the industry is actually asking for – a full masking system for sprayers.”

We will continue to keep you up to speed as further test results are revealed. Click here to read Ian’s full review, or for more technical information on our range of decorating tapes and papers, click here.

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