Modern extensions require a premium paint finish

calendar-icon 16 March 2020

With the housing market remaining uncertain for the foreseeable future, adding living space with a modern, light-filled extension is a popular choice for many homeowners in need of room to grow. Often with Velux windows, spotlights and other contemporary finishes, these extensions command a premium paint finish that can only be achieved with spray painting and premium-grade masking products like Q1®.

To demonstrate the difference a finish like this can make to a modern extension, we spent the day with experienced painter decorator, Ben Westwood. 


Masking contemporary interior features

Dark grey window frames are increasingly popular amongst homeowners looking for that contemporary feel, but leave no room for error when cutting in a large number of paint colours.

modern extension

Ben explains how he overcomes this challenge:

Masking dark framed windows requires a tape with premium grade adhesive qualities, which is easy to apply and tears neatly. Pre-taped drop film is an ideal solution for speed and Q1®’s is particularly good for both quality of stick and ease of application, providing the razor-sharp edge you need and covering the window in one step. I use more tape to secure the loose areas and the window area is ready for spraying in no time.”

Sockets and light switches are another key feature to consider, with many homeowners investing in high quality fitments for that high-end look. Q1®’s multi-purpose tape is ideal for masking these smaller areas, as Ben explains:

Q1®’s multipurpose tape is made from premium quality crape paper and bends seamlessly around even the tightest corners, making light switches and sockets quick and simple to cover. The adhesion is strong enough to stick to the surface and assures a clean and easy removal within 7 days.”

Cutting in a ceiling line

Freshly plastered walls in a modern extension deserve razor sharp paint lines and once the walls are undercoated and the ceiling has been painted white, carefully masking the ceiling line is a time well spent.

Ben explains: “When spraying, it’s important to mask enough of the protected surface to prevent overspray. In the case of ceiling lines, you will need to cover a portion of the ceiling itself as well as create the sharp line where it meets the wall.  

tape wall

“For this I always turn to Q1®’s pre-taped film. It’s electrostatically treated which means it clings to the ceiling as soon as it’s unfolded. To be on the safe side though, I add a small tab of tape every 60cm or so, to make sure nothing moves during the spraying process.”

Masking for spray takes longer, but saves time overall

When it comes to masking, Ben has the following advice: “When trying to complete a job quickly, it can be tempting to mask quickly, but this is false economy overall. Spending longer and masking well enables the use of spray machines rather than brushing. All-in-all, that is a far quicker painting process.

Correct masking also saves time on corrections at the end of the project, making sure every line is razor-sharp first time.” 

tape tips

See Ben's advice in action

Watch Ben demonstrate the advice he has given on a modern family home extension in this video, and to find out more about the products he uses across all of his projects.

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