Mask Well, Spray Faster - A masterclass in saving time

calendar-icon 17 December 2019

Saving time on projects delivers a number of benefits for both you and your customers. From making each job more profitable and freeing up time for quoting, invoicing, restocking or prepping the next job, to impressing each customer with a fast, professional finish in less time than they had anticipated.


When it comes to masking well though, it is critical that you select premium-grade, performance-led masking solutions which will not require re-sticking or re-masking halfway through the job. Select the right products, apply them with skill and there should be no need to attend to your masking once spraying, rolling or brushing starts. Sounds good doesn’t it?

If you attended this year’s National Painting & Decorating Show you may have seen our masterclass called, ‘Mask Well, Spray Faster’ in which we demonstrated those two crucial points – the selection of premium products and their skilful application. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, we have the video for you here and a full run down of what you missed.

Preparing a room for spraying

Taking a four-bedroom townhouse as an example, our expert sprayers, Jamie Bourne, owner of Abode Decorating, and John Coats, Edinburgh based proprietor of Liberton Décor, tackle three of the most common masking challenges; windows, glazed doors and a fireplace.

Masking windows quickly

For John, when it comes to windows, the best tape for the job is Q1® Precision Line. After taping the top and bottom lengths of the windows, he leaves a small gap in the trickiest corners, explaining that getting a knife into those areas to create the sharp lines you need can be challenging.

Time for an expert trick. He masks the vertical length of the windows, continuing by around three inches onto the windowsills, where he can easily use his knife to create a sharp edge. Removing the excess tape from the sill, John now has a small piece of masking tape with a razor-sharp edge, ideal for those tricky top corners.

To mask the glass, he chooses the pre-taped dropdown film from Q1® which makes protecting large areas quick and effective – again, ensuring that you will not have to attend to the masking once spraying has started.

Masking a marble fireplace

The popular product combination of Q1® Precision Line and the pre-taped dropdown film is also Jamie’s choice for masking the marble fireplace. He explains that when it comes to demasking, the tape peels away easily to leave no residue at all.

Fast to apply, it tears neatly making short work of a sizable challenge. He finishes the hearth with pre-taped paper, which, like the pre-taped dropdown film, is dispensed using a cutter for faster, more accurate application.

Masking glass panel doors made easy

The third and final challenge for the duo is a pair of glass panel doors. For this they opt for pre-taped paper, masking the top and bottom of each glass pane, joining the two pieces across the centre with precision line tape, which is also used down the vertical sides of each section. Finishing the corners with a knife for that sharp finish, John and Jamie complete the task quickly thanks to the premium quality products providing fast and accurate application.

Do you want to see the pair in action? Watch the video for more information and to watch the spraying in action.


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