Creating clean lines in a modern town house

calendar-icon 03 June 2020

When one homeowner in Hornsea, East Yorkshire, renovated their loft space into two new rooms, and created a new sewing room on the second floor of their three-storey townhouse, they decided to freshen up their hall, stairs and landings at the same time.

Achieving a pristine painted finish across all three floors of this modern home, was the job of experienced painter and decorator, Chris Kerfoot. Afterwards, he spoke to Q1® about the importance of clean lines and premium masking products. 

Creating clean lines in a modern town house 1

Taking time to mask properly

The hall, stairs and landing, new sewing room and two new loft spaces were all to receive a painted finish, with crisp white wood and a mid-grey wall colour. Chris, like many experienced decorators, understands that taking time to mask properly will not only deliver a premium finish, but will also save time on touch ups at the end of the job.

Chris explains: “Our process, when arriving on site, is to firstly protect any non-removable items including carpets and furniture, light switches and other fittings. For this we use Q1®’s Multipurpose Tape on carpets, then Q1® Precision Line Tape on hinges and door handles, and the same on window surrounds.

“For the sewing room and the hall, stairs and landing we covered the door reveals using Q1® Pre-Taped Masking Paper, which is a great time and money saver, especially on a large project with many door openings. Covering doors with such an effortless product means we can paint them further on in the process, knowing that for now, they are well protected.

“Another product which saves me time and money is the pre-taped drop film which we use to protect windows from overspray.” 

Creating clean lines in a modern town house 2

Preparing the walls

Chris explained that the first stage was to apply a mist coat to the walls of the two loft rooms and top flight of stairs, for which he used Tikurilla Optiva Primer, applied with a Graco GX21FF spray machine and the new contractor PC Pro Compact Gun.

Chris comments: “Once the mist coat was applied I was able to fill, sand and fill again, until the walls were smooth and defect free, which would deliver the very best finish.

“Because Q1® tapes offer such strong adhesion, I can prepare the walls safe in the knowledge that my masking will not curl or bleed. This saves time in the long run, eliminating any additional masking before the painting starts.” 

Creating clean lines in a modern town house 3

Delivering a premium painted finish

Once the ceilings had been finished with Tikkurilla Anti-Reflex 2, he finished the wood work by spray application with heml primer, followed by Helmi 30. The walls in all areas were finished by brush and roller using Optiva 5, so that the customer could touch up if required.

Chris concludes: “At the end of a job, when it comes to removing the masking, its reassuring to know that the lines will be razor sharp, removal of the tape will be clean and easy and there will be no touching up required. This is why I use Q1®.

“The customer’s expectations were supassed with the quality of the finish and the overall process, with a particular mention of how clean and tidy the house was kept throughout the entire project. Selecting quality products such as premium-grade masking tapes, papers and films, helps me to deliver a decorating process which feels controlled, professional and high-quality. This is reflected in our customer feedback.”

Creating clean lines in a modern town house 4

Discover the full range of Q1® masking solutions for painting and renovation here. If want to follow Chris Kerfoot, click here.

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