Tape and drape for cars: what is it and when should it be used?

calendar-icon 05 August 2022

As well as in the painting world, the automotive field has its own tape and drape, one of the refinishers’ most favourite masking tools.
We introduce you to Q1® Premium Drop Film, a pre-taped masking film designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent paint dripping. 


To cover and protect various surfaces while painting vehicles, you can rely on a large choice of masking products. Tape and drape is one of the fastest and most effective tools on the market: what is it and in which conditions works best?

Learn more about tape and drape for cars in this article.


Tape and drape for cars: features and benefits

Tape and drape for cars: features and benefits

Tape and drape for cars is a high-density polyethylene masking film with automotive masking tape applied along one edge.

Q1® Premium Drop Film is the tape and drape from Q1®’s automotive range.

It is very easy to use: unroll the film while sticking it from the side of the tape, then unfold it to cover large areas. It works alone or applied on masking tape in order to get even better adhesion.

Q1® Premium Drop Film (tape and drape for cars)The main benefit of this film is that it makes you save so much time in masking, because it combines two products in one. Furthermore, it is easy to apply and remove, it leaves clean surfaces with no residue, even with high temperatures.

This film has been treated with corona treatment, which helps create cling to the surface and to avoid paint dripping.

Furthermore, it provides an easy roll release and a high resistance to solvents.

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When is it advisable to use tape and drape?

When is it advisable to use tape and drape?

Yes, tape and drape for cars is a great masking tool when you have to hurry and you need to cut masking time in half, but don’t use it whenever you need to cover a surface! 

Each masking product is made for a specific purpose, and so does tape and drape.

This kind of masking film works better when:

  • straight lines are needed (it is great, for instance, for car doors)
  • you have to cover middle to large sections (e.g. windshields)

Keep high-performance tools by your side and increase your body shop productivity!

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