Q1® green automotive masking tape: an overview

calendar-icon 07 October 2022

A green masking tape can be your best sidekick when masking vehicles. The reasons are many, from visibility to higher performances. Discover all its fantastic features.

Used in the most critical situations in the automotive aftermarket, green masking tapes are a real must-have for any professional body shop. It is important to choose a high-quality product.

This article will deepen the features of Q1® High Performance Masking Tape.


Why was the colour green chosen?

Green is one of the most clearly visible, as it stands out on most surfaces. That’s why Q1® High Performance automotive masking tape ensures better masking area visibility, highlighting the vehicle parts you are masking.

Simply put, this bright colour is a valid help for better precision during application.

It also helps with demasking, since it’s easier to find even the tiniest pieces of tape you applied to the vehicle.


The main advantages of a green automotive tape

The main advantages of a green automotive tape

As we said earlier, better visibility is the core advantage of green masking tape. But what you may not know is that Q1® High Performance automotive masking tape is built with many other features that can truly change the way you work and the overall quality (for the better, needless to say).

When you use a green automotive masking tape, you will also get:

  • Water resistance - thanks to a specific water resistance backing treatment, it delivers superb resistance to moisture, water-based paints, as well as solvent-based paints, Even wet sanding won’t affect its performance.
  • UV resistance - the tape resists up to three days, making it ideal for projects where UV resistance is required. 
  • Good adhesion on curves - the high-quality rubber-based adhesive formula provides a secure bond on multiple surfaces preventing lifting or overspray. It also allows for better bonding to itself for improved painting process performance. Manufactured using crepe paper, it holds a curve very well and it conforms even on irregular surfaces.


These are the three main strengths that differentiate it from other tapes, but it doesn’t stop here.

Just like the other tapes in our range, it can withstand high temperatures of up to 110°C (230°F) for as long as 30 minutes. And of course, it provides outstanding paint lines, sharp and without paint bleed.


Learn more about our game-changing automotive masking tape.

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