Car paint sanding sponges: a new arrival in Q1®️ range

calendar-icon 30 July 2021

Yes, our masking tapes are the best, and we always look forward to improving the performances of our masking solutions. This time we went further, introducing another tool you will use everyday, once you get to know it. Meet our brand new Q1® abrasive sponges.

We introduce the brand new Q1® abrasive sponges, a new tool made to prime difficult locations that ordinary sanding tools cannot reach, such as bumpers, door handles, headlight openings, door jambs and other locations. Let’s see all their features and benefits!

Features of Q1®️ car paint sanding sponges

First of all, you can choose your paint sanding sponge between 3 different grits, considering your needs:

  1. Fine: to prepare surfaces for better primer and paint adhesion;
  2. Superfine: ideal for preparing surfaces for paint and blending;
  3. Microfine: great for final blending / fading out preparation where a fine grit is required.


car paint sanding sponges q1

 What else? Well, our sanding sponges:

  • are ideal to use both on wet or dry surfaces;
  • have a formula that achieves a better performance and perfect finishing;
  • have a mineral composition applied on the foam that makes them last longer, because there is no clogging and the product finishes as the mineral dies.


Which benefits are you going to get?

car paint sanding sponges application

Using car paint sanding sponges is just like getting your cars “manicured”: use them to sand or prime bumpers, headlight openings, door handles, door jambs, or any complex shape of the vehicles. Once you finish, you will get a better adhesion and look of the nail polish *ahem* car paint. Furthermore:

  • the soft, flexible foam backing conforms to virtually any profile on a vehicle, so you can achieve a flawless look even on the most difficult shapes;
  • these specialty purpose sponges will provide a uniform finish, specially on curves and contours;
  • sanding by hand is sometimes better. You can get more precision and detail than you could do with classical machine-sanding methods;
  • you won’t need to change the abrasive sponge each time you change the part to sand: you will use just one pad for the entire sanding process, which means more time saved and less waste (you’re welcome, planet Earth!).


Car paint sanding sponges will be your best buddies. Get them now!

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