Automotive masking paper: uses and solutions

calendar-icon 25 July 2017

Automotive masking paper is among the most used products to mask off wide areas of vehicles during painting. Thanks to its thickness and consistence, it is preferred to masking film when protecting wide gaps such as window openings and trunks. Here are some tips to choose a good product and apply it properly.

masking tape

Let’s start from the application: automotive masking paper must be used in combination with masking tape to protect wide areas and large gaps from paint overspray. Its use is easy and quick: you just have to apply masking tape to both the edges of the area to mask and the border of the sheet of paper, and then match the two with a masking solution known as tape on tape application. Take a look at our guide about masking best practices to know more. Now masking paper is on place and you are ready to start with the painting.

How to choose automotive masking paper

Choosing professional automotive masking paper is essential not just for the quality of the job, but also for easing the job itself, making it quicker and saving time while increasing performance. High quality automotive masking paper must guarantee all of that. Q1® Premium Masking Paper is among the most reliable products on the market, with significant advantages when masking a car:

  • Excellent resistance to the most used paints: in particular, Q1® automotive masking paper is compatible with all base coats and clear coats, waterborne paints and urethanes.
  • Great conformability and resistance to mechanical stress: thanks to special treatments and the quality of the material, Q1® masking paper boasts great resistance to tear and mechanical stress, while providing a thin products with exceptional conformability.
  • Tightly bonded paper with good penetration resistance: Q1® automotive masking paper’s low porosity works as a perfect barrier against paint penetration, with the paint itself adhering to the paper but not passing through it.
  • Easy to handle to improve productivity: Q1® masking paper is light and easy to use to save time and enhance performance. It helps reduce rework caused by fiber contamination and bleed-through during the job.

Q1® Premium Masking Paper is available in three sizes:

  • 45 cm X 200 m
  • 90 cm X 200 m
  • 120 cm X 200 m
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