Q1® Premium Masking solutions: A new cost-effective alternative to traditional masking solutions in the automotive repair industry

Q1® Tapes launches to the US market a brand new line of products for Premium Masking Applications in the automotive repair industry. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with National Oak Distributors, Q1® professional products will benefit of an advanced logistic network that guarantees next day deliveries on all our masking tape throughout the Country. Lets’ take a look at the  range of available products.

Q1® Masking Solutions are designed to cover all the needs of professional masking applications in automotive repair shops, giving them an effective solution to save money without sacrificing performance.

Q1® Premium Masking Tape

The core of Q1® product line, this automotive masking tape sums up all the experience of our professional team in engineering effective solutions for high quality masking. Q1® Premium Masking Tape guarantees excellent performance in the most critical conditions, providing strong hold on different surfaces and withstanding the temperature required in baking cycles. The tape can be torn by hand and does not leave adhesive residue upon removal. Besides, Q1® high quality automotive duct tape conforms well to curved and irregular surfaces.

Available sizes: 

  • 18mm x 55m
  • 36mm x 55m
  • 48mm x 55m
Q1 Masking tape products

Q1® Premium Trim Masking

Trim masking tape is an innovative product designed to mask rubber trim moldings around windscreens and sunroofs, tail lights and head lights. Q1® Premium Trim Masking features a short plastic tab on one side that fits into the gaps of the moldings, fastening the tape around the groove for a perfect protection. With Q1® trim masking tape, you can forget paint bridging and leaking. The product is pre-cut in short stripes for an easy dispensing, is high temperature resistant and leaves no residue when removed.

Available sizes:

  • 10mm hard tab x 10m
Q1 premium trim masking tape in its box

Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape

Are you looking for an effective solution to protect door and bonnet gaps from overspray? Save time and increase profitability with Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape, a soft and malleable stripe of polyurethane tape that perfectly fills jambs and apertures, for a complete protection. Foam masking tape is highly conformable, easy to unroll and apply, high temperature resistant and residue-free when removed. The perfect choice for automotive professionals.

Available sizes:

  • 13mm x 50m
Q1 premium foam masking tape in its box

Q1® Premium Masking Drop Film

The product is an HDPE automotive masking film designed to mask off wide areas before painting with a single and fast application. Thanks to corona treatment, Q1® Premium Masking Drop Film features a slight electrostatic charge that helps it clinging to the vehicle and retaining paint overspray, preventing it from bleeding on the floor. Like the other products of the range, Q1® Premium Masking Drop Film is high temperature resistant. Using our masking film for painting is an easy and efficient way to get the job done!

Available sizes:

  • 62” x 25 yds
  • 24” x 25 yds
  • 86” x 25 yds
Q1 premium protective film

Q1® Premium Protective Film

Q1® Premium Protective Film is an automotive masking film to protect vehicles from paint overspray inside spray booths. The product is easy to dispose of and is marked with centered printing to help with application on the vehicle; it guarantees excellent paint retaining thanks to corona treatment, reducing paint overspray over the walls and floor of the booth. Q1® Premium Protective Film boasts temperature resistance up to +230° F. / 110 C°.

Available sizes:

  • 12ft x 400ft / 3.66m x 122m
  • 16ft x 350ft / 4.9m x 107m
Q1 plastic tape in its box

All Q1® Masking Solutions are compatible with solvent base and waterborne paints.

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