Thin painters masking tapes

Whether you’re decorating the inner part or painting the outer part of a building, a thin masking tape is the tool you have to keep by your side.

25mm wide, Q1®️ thin painters tapes are perfect to make quick and clean paint lines.

Paint any kind of wall, wallpaper, glass and wood quickly and smoothly: these extra thin painters tapes made of paper can be used with all smooth surfaces. 

Oue thin painters tape take care of extremely flat paint edges and are therefore perfectly suited for all demanding paint jobs requiring utmost precision. 

Here’s Q1® complete range of thin masking tapes.

Thin painters tape for indoor and outdoor use: Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape


Choose it if you are looking for:

  • both indoor and outdoor use
  • UV resistance
  • water resistance

Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape is an ultra-thin masking tape for perfect razor sharp paint edges. It sticks perfectly on smooth surfaces, assures a perfect adhesion and guarantees an easy and clean removal without leaving residue on the application surface or peeling the substrate.

Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape is a special adhesive professional high-performance product. Extra thin, it is engineered for HPLV and airless paint spray.

Easy to tear and easily removable, you can use this thin masking tape on multiple surfaces, including glass, aluminium, PVC and wood.

It ensures a nice paint edge and no paint bleed, making it perfect for precise painting and renovation jobs with any paint and lacquers.

Thin painters tape for delicate applications: Q1® Delicate Surface Masking Tape


Choose it if you are looking for:

  • low tack adhesion
  • gentle removal with no residue
  • suitability for smooth and slightly textured surfaces
  • 15 days indoor clean removal.

This ultra-thin, low tack masking tape specifically designed for the preservation of delicate surfaces during the painting process. Use it as a masking tape for decorative interior renovation, such as painting doors and windows.

It is specifically designed for the preservation of delicate surfaces during the painting process and it can be used on wallpaper or fresh plaster.

Q1® Delicate Surface Masking Tape assures easy removability on smooth and slightly textured surfaces.

It is perfect to get sharp lines and prevent paint bleed. 

Some advice to use our thin masking tapes

First of all, surfaces must be clean, dust free, and dry before any application. When masking windows, doors or similar, clean the surface with a damp cloth, then dry it.

The adhesive of our tapes is pressure sensitive and heat activated. Make sure you really press it firmly into place when applying and get it as warm as possible in the room to secure the adhesive.

Pro tip: if you’re going to use pre-taped masking film or paper, use masking tape before applying it. It makes de-masking a lot easier.

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