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19 March 2018

Automotive masking tape vs regular masking tape: what is the difference?

Automotive masking tape or regular masking tape? When you approach automotive painting on a professional level, automotive masking tape is the only solution that guarantees the quality level required by customers, as far as precision, cleanness, speed and convenience are concerned. In this article, we deepen the differences between automotive […]
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12 December 2017

HDPE Masking Film: how it is made to guarantee excellent results

HDPE masking film is an innovative masking solution that is growing more and more popular among car painting professionals. The reason of its success lies in its ease of use and effectiveness: HDPE masking film is perfect to mask off vehicles for booth painting, with a unique, fast and easy […]
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8 September 2017

Foam Masking Tape: advantages and applications

Foam masking tape is the innovative solution to protect door seals, trunks, bonnets, A-posts and other grooved parts from paint overspray during car painting. How does it work? Let’s take a closer look at this professional tool. Foam masking tape is a seamless, circular stripe of polyurethane foam with a […]
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4 August 2017

Best Body Shops’ Tips for car painting

Q1® Tapes ultimate guide about the industry trend and new techniques to increase profitability when painting a car in a professional bodyshop. Automotive painting products and processes are constantly evolving and, over time, new masking techniques pop up as new ways to improve performance and quality. One of the key […]
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25 July 2017

Automotive masking paper: uses and solutions

Automotive masking paper is among the most used products to mask off wide areas of vehicles during painting. Thanks to its thickness and consistence, it is preferred to masking film when protecting wide gaps such as window openings and trunks. Here are some tips to choose a good product and […]
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11 July 2017

Yellow masking tape: the secrets behind a color

Yellow masking tape is the most used product in preparing vehicles for painting. Have you ever wondered why automotive masking tapes often come in yellow shades? In this article we deepen the secret behind this color and we take a look at the qualities a good masking tape must provide […]
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24 May 2017

Q1® Premium Masking solutions: A new cost-effective alternative to traditional masking solutions

Q1® Tapes launches to the US market a brand new line of products for Premium Masking Applications in the automotive repair sector. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with National Oak Distributors, Q1® professional products will benefit of an advanced logistic network that guarantees next day deliveries throughout the Country. Lets’ […]
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26 April 2017

Introducing Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape

Foam masking tape is an innovative automotive refinish product that guarantees many advantages when used in particular applications. Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape is designed to mask gaps and apertures quickly and accurately, saving time and increasing profitability. Curious to know more?   Q1® Premium Foam Masking Tape features a […]
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21 March 2017

Automotive Masking Film: Advantages for Car Protection

Automotive masking film is a protective solution for masking wide areas of vehicles, with an easy, fast and accurate application. The best products on the market feature a host of benefits that make them perfect for spray booth painting due to their adhesion power and ability to hold overspray. Q1® […]
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14 February 2017

Automotive paint masking tape and other solutions for car masking

During automotive painting, protecting the areas of the car that should not be coated is extremely important for professional results. For the best protection, any car body shop employs three solutions: masking tape, masking paper and masking film, each of them for a specific use. In this article, we deepen […]
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7 February 2017

Professional car painting: Q1®’s tips for a good and safe job

Professional car painting is a delicate job: it involves working with paints, primers and other potentially dangerous chemicals, and it requires patience and ability to gain clean results. Therefore, following some essential safety precautions and using professional tools are the necessary steps to perform a state-of-the-art painting job. In this […]
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31 January 2017
trim masking tape

Trim masking tape for mask around windscreens, taillights and sunroofs

In automotive painting, trim masking tape is a perfect tool for protecting rubber trim moldings from overspray. In this article we introduce Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape, an excellent solution for high precision masking applications. Q1® Premium Trim Masking Tape is a product engineered to ease high precision masking situations […]
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